gTransMemory is a free GTK+ application to manage words and sentences translations in many memories for each language. GNU gettext translations can be imported from files with extension .po and .pot.

Main window

For each translation a context called Source can be applied to keep more translations for the same sentence in order to choose the translation more adequate on the preference.

Detail window


The stable versions released with source code and prebuilt packages are linked in the Download page. For information about installation from packages or source code please refer to the Installation page.

The gTransMemory development version source code is available on GitHub.


gTransMemory is actually translated in the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Dutch

Translators are needed, please help in translating gTransMemory in others languages.

Please submit your translations to Transifex or file an issue in GitHub bugtracker or pull a request on GitHub.


gTransMemory is distributed as open source code available on GitHub under GNU GPL-3+ license (GNU General Public License version 3 or higher). The software is supplied as is and it doesn't offer any warranty. Anyone can fork the project, modify and distribute it under the same GNU GPL-3+ license.