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What can do BlueWho for me?

BlueWho can scan the network to find Bluetooth devices near you.

What cannot do BlueWho for me?

BlueWho won’t force any Bluetooth devices to be visible to everyone. If a device has Bluetooth enabled but hasn’t been set to be visibile BlueWho won’t detect it at all.

What devices type can be detected?

BlueWho can detect a large range of Bluetooth devices including USB dongles, computers, phones, keyboards and pointing devices. While it should detect properly oncommon devices like Bluetooth enabled medical devices, glasses, watches, I don’t own any of these devices so it cannot be fully tested with these devices.

Why some devices aren’t detected by BlueWho?

A requirement for BlueWho (and for any other Bluetooth device) is that the devices to detect must be set as visible. While this is always true for some devices like earphones and headset, many others devices like computers and phones must be explicitly set to be visible to everyone in order to be detected.

How do I set my device to be visible?

There isn’t a common way to set a device as visible to everyone, every device has its settings and options to mark it as visible. In a general way you must search for the device settings, find a Bluetooth section (sometimes it can be found under network settings or applications settings) and in this section search an option called visibility and set it as visible to every device. If this setting cannot be found please consult your device manual.