Basic tab

Basic tab

Server (server)

The server address to connect to.

User name (username)

The user name used to establish the connection

Password (password)

The password used to authenticate the user name.

Domain (domain)

The network domain of the destination host.

Resolution (resolution)

The server window resolution.

Color depth (colordepth)

The colour depth for the image window.

Experience (experience)

A list of performances settings to speed the network connection.

Sound (sound)

Specify the sound output if to mute or to process on the client side or to leave on the server side.

Share folder (sharefolder)

Specify a folder to share with the server.

Advanced tab

Advanced tab

Window title (title)

The window title if detached.

Client name (clientname)

The client name to show to the server.

Startup program (exec)

The program to execute after the connection is established (leave blank for the regular desktop).

Startup path (execpath)

The path for the startup program to execute.

Keyboard map (keymap)

The keyboard layout to use.

Fullscreen (fullscreen)

Set the detached window as fullscreen.

Seamless RDP (seamlessrdp)

Execute the startup program seamlessly, hiding the rest of the desktop.

Seamless RDP Shell path (seamlessrdpshell)

The path for the Seamless RDP shell.

Attach to console (console)

Attach to the console instead of establish a new RDP connection.

RDP Datastream compression (compression)

Compress the RDP data.

Bitmap caching (bitmapcaching)

Cache images in memory to enhance the performances.

Don’t send mouse motion events (nomousemotion)

Don’t move the mouse pointer in the server side when the mouse pointer is moved in the client side.

Hide WM decorations (hidedecorations)

Hide the window manager decorations.

Detached window (detached)

Detach the window instead of showing the RDesktop window integrated in Remmina.

Don’t grab keyboard (nograbkeyboard)

Do not override window manager key binding when the window has the focus.

Force RDP version 4 (rdp4)

Force the use of RDP protocol version 4.

Force RDP version 5 (rdp5)

Force the use of RDP protocol version 5.

Numlock synchronization (syncnumlock)

Synchronize the numlock led status.

Disable encryption (noencryption)

Disable the encryption if it causes troubles.