Remmina Plugin Exec


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Remmina Plugin Exec is distributed as open source code available on GitHub under GNU GPL-2+ license (GNU General Public License version 2 or higher).

Versions in the distributions

Some Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian could offer Remmina Plugin Exec in their repositories but very often is an old version. The release process for a software to reach the official repositories in the distributions is difficult and requires a lot of time.

The Latest available version is that one indicated in the releases page on GitHub.

Downloadable packages

The following are packages for different distributions. Choose that more suitable for the distribution in use and refer to the page Installation for information about their installation.

Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 11 kB 80512750D5DC729C679C21B722B1800B
Debian i386 (32 bit) 7 kB 589B75C8DBF1C50EFE6DE9CF758B11ED
Debian amd64 (64 bit) 7 kB 533245CF770065421F4D7669B6470FD1
Arch Linux i686 (32 bit) 5 kB E19EFE180F252BFB194BA2282FF88DFE
Arch Linux x86_64 (64 bit) 5 kB 3D97483A0640C918B004E997190F9805
Arch Linux AUR (remmina-plugin-exec) - -
Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 11 kB 050ABE1BFFA97AF51C800B6746EE2F9A
Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 11 kB CFFD0A2C21C4797E70512A902595ACD7