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gWakeOnLan is distributed as open source code available on GitHub under GNU GPL-2+ license (GNU General Public License version 2 or higher).

Versions in the distributions

Some Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian could offer gWakeOnLan in their repositories but very often is an old version. The release process for a software to reach the official repositories in the distributions is difficult and requires a lot of time.

The Latest available version is that one indicated in the releases page on GitHub.

Downloadable packages

The following are packages for different distributions. Choose that more suitable for the distribution in use and refer to the page Installation for information about their installation.

  • 0.6.2
  • 0.6.1
  • 0.6
  • 0.5.1
Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 85 kB CCDC29789E9A9233631D4E2D403B5797
Arch Linux 86 kB A21AAFF372DEB5FE06990D5622EBC68E
Arch Linux AUR (gwakeonlan-git) - -
Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 83 kB 3B4D50F2B1FED2260F36DE492ED1E84F
Arch Linux 85 kB 339C0C49E7ED56EBF23F6C483FE562FB
Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 83 kB 45308DC3DF2ACB26968F3BEDCC0C9A52
Arch Linux 85 kB E217BF6E30A899884E55972168FE52C8
Package type Size MD5 Download
Source code 30 kB 68BDE5820DB9C122EDF9E221797049FA
Debian / Ubuntu 25 kB D267F4148769D66E5AF3D2CA93EEF8E2
Arch Linux 27 kB 9A6FE2FDF58AA7C72A7B4ABFE9A9704A